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Journey begins

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Now it's all over my task begins - blog the trip from start to end! Phew, I'll need to go into training for this.

Way back in April, we began the journey, flying across the Atlantic, Sydney to San Francisco, via Los Angeles ... a loooong trip.

The Qantas A380 was not as exciting as I had hoped - just another airline flight really. It was certainly not one to be remembered with great fondness - the in-flight entertainment system wouldn't work and I lost count of the number of times they tried to reset it - they eventually got it working about 7 hours into the flight. :( At least, I guess, it didn't happen on the way home - at the start of a holiday you are excited and that tends to keep you going.

The biggest downside of the trip for me was hunger! - I learned a lesson that it pays to take snacks with you on a long flight. The food wasn't bad, there just wasn't enough for me. I needed refuelling about halfway but we didn't get another full meal (breakfast) until a few hours out of LA. The help-yourself bar at the back of the plane was promising but I'd already had an apple and there are only so many pita breads you can bring yourself to eat.

But perhaps even more disappointing (and a boo boo on our part) was not realising we could choose our seats way back in March when we booked. Inferior seats therefore plagued the entire trip. Only now have I found something useful called Seatguru ... but I am determined to work out how to upgrade our seats next time using frequent flyer points - it must be possible!

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